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2012 Subscription Rates
Prices Effective January 1, 2012 but are subject to change

$40.00 - Within Wallace County (Includes Tax)
$40.00 - Bordering Counties (Plus Applicable Sales Tax)
$42.00 - Other Kansas Counties (Plus Applicable Sales Tax)
$49.00 - Outside of Kansas
$36.00 - Student Subscriptions (Plus Applicable Sales Tax)
$32.00 - Online Subscription Only*

* Online Subscriptions do not receive a paper copy of The Western Times.

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Classified & Miscellaneous Advertising Rates

Classified Advertising $3.00 Minimum / 20 a word thereafter
Boxed Classified Ad $7.50 / Column Inch
Wedding Announcements / Society Pictures / Photos

$7.00 / Picture

Poetry 95 / Column Line
Legal Publications $1.05 / Line
Front Page Notice $1.85 / Line
Insertions Wallace County & Surrounding Area $130
Insertions in all newspapers $150
Church Directory $6.10


Display Advertising Rates

Commissionable Rate $7.10 / Column Inch
Open, 1 to 3 Consecutive Ad Runs $4.95 / Column Inch
4 Week Consecutive Run $4.75 / Column Inch
13 Week Consecutive Run $4.65 / Column Inch
26 Week Consecutive Run $4.45 / Column Inch
52 Week Consecutive Run $3.90 / Column Inch
Ads measuring 1/4 page or better $3.85 / Column Inch
Ads measuring 1/2 page or better  $3.60 / Column Inch
Community Calendar Ad $10.25 per run
(runs biweekly)


Circulation: 4947
The Western Times covers approximately 95% of Wallace County, Kansas' population plus subscribers in Logan County, Greeley County, Wichita County, Thomas County, Sherman County, and Arapahoe & Cheyenne Wells, Colorado.

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