Bloom - Is your Y missing?

Several weeks back, I found a vinyl word set in a thrift store. Originally from Hobby Lobby, I was getting it half-off the thrift store price. Eager to get home with my discounted treasure, I pulled the transfer paper-lined letters out and held a couple against the wall. The raised texture on that wall gave me doubts of it sticking. I found a smoother wall and placed the letters up with tape. Marking the spots lightly with a pencil, I took the letters off and set them on the table behind me. As I was cooking supper,  I went letter by letter, affixing each one with the enclosed plastic, straight-edged card. I’d stick a letter or two up, then go stir. Add a few more letters, then go stir again. As I neared the end of this process, I noticed the “y” wasn’t where the stack of letters were spread out on the table. “Choose Jo” stared back at me from the wall. I scanned the floor and the table with a sinking feeling. Is this why it was half off? Missing pieces? Backtracking now. I did check that all the pieces were included while in the store. Right? Oh yes, I broke the seal around the lid with my jagged, freshly broken, fingernail. Yes, I did. I rechecked it once home while looking for a good spot for it. I did that, right? Laughing at the incentive to “Choose Jo”, I knew this would be quite a conversation starter once my people came in for supper. Oh, SUPPER! Back to stirring. And there it was. The “Y”- on the counter by the spoon rest. 
“Choose Joy” serves as a reminder that joy is actually a decision. Perhaps having this ‘bumper sticker’ by our dining table would help me make better decisions when milk is spilled or squabbles about who gets to sit where are grating on my ever-living-last nerve. Anyhow, we ate supper. The girls commented on the new addition to the wall, and I shared the funny story about losing the “Y”.
The next morning, while getting coffee, I noticed the “J” was sagging and trying to unpeel.  I walked over and pushed it back to the wall with my finger, then went back over it with the plastic card.  It held. Throughout the day, I’d glance over to that wall and smile at “Choose Joy”. Yes I’m going to do that. I love it! What I didn’t love about it, was that every time I passed it, it was back to that saggy state where the “J” was peeling off and needed pushed again. 
If left up to the elements of the day, joy just doesn’t stick around. Rough patches, lack of moisture, and other circumstances pull at you and make you want to come unglued and let go. There was a time in my life where I was living life offended. Defeated. Hurt. Angered. Ashamed. And spent. I didn’t know why I couldn’t get past this stuff.  I felt stuck. A couple from church reached out to me and I hesitantly shared. Sometimes we feel like we have to show up to church or to church people well-pressed, well-packaged, well-meaning, well-prepared, and well-mannered. I was none of those things. I was a hot mess, with lots of jumbled up emotions and only well-versed in mind trash. That older couple listened to me dump all this stuff out and said only this: “You’ve just lost your joy”. That’s it? Lost my joy? Joy seemed like such a foreign word.  Where does one find joy?  When life has you knocked down. When you’re dealing with heartache. Health issues. Family drama. When people seem to suck the joy right out of you. Where is joy? 
I was doing all the things but out of my own, ill-equipped strength. Not giving my best, not sleeping well, not enjoying life…not fully alive, really. This half-survival mode aligned with what the couple had said. I HAD lost my joy.  Tucked in with all the stuff was this overwhelming desire of “I WANT to have joy!” But it wouldn’t be easy.  It’s like this complex cycle. I had a rotten circumstance, I could either continue down the path of destruction, validating my grumpiness, or could make that hard decision to choose joy. If I chose to validate my grumpiness, it poorly affected others around me and then I also had a string of guilt.  If I made the harder decision to choose joy, then I would have to do the work of keeping calm and continuing on. 
In realizing I had lost my joy, I also realized I had lost my “Y”. Like in putting up the vinyl letters, I started out with a “Y”, I just had to backtrack to the spoon rest and find it- for it wasn’t gone forever, just misplaced. Have we misplaced our “Y”? During mundane tasks and without even realizing it? Or has it been gone a while?  We are just stuck against a wall in survival mode missing what completes us- our “Y”. We all can share how terrible a day or season it was.  It feels good to get it all out. But choosing joy and desiring it to stick with us is a process. It would serve us well to find our “Y”. Your “Y” will look different than mine. My “Y” is for my family. And ultimately, because Christ chose me.  
Choose Joy. Moment by moment, despite the elements and the little and big things pulling at you. And if you’ve misplaced your “Y”… do some backtracking. You might find that it’s back where you left it…at that place of rest.  



Snapshots from 2022 Weskan Days

Snapshots from 2022 Weskan Days


Hansen Museum to Celebrate 50th Anniversary in October

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, the Hansen Museum is celebrating 50 years of bringing art and culture to the people of Northwest Kansas with an afternoon celebration.  The party starts with a nostalgic presentation by Hansen Museum Board Member, Debra Berg at 2:00 p.m. in... [More]


KDOT set to receive $39.5M for next five years to build EV charging infrastructure

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Charge Up Kansas NEVI Plan has been approved and is set to receive $39.5 million total over the next five years under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. The plan provides KDOT federal funds to help... [More]

6th Grade

Hi! My name is Charlotte and I’m going to tell you all about 6th Grade. 6th Grade has been tough, and it’s been good at times, but other times it's bad. Sometimes it’s so fun, like when we played trash basketball and how we are doing a virtual escape room on... [More]

Bloom - Just B

Have you ever seen one of those quote boards? It’s usually a frame that includes white letters you push into recessed horizontal tracks to create phrases. I’ve seen these boards announcing births, advertising sales, and used as home décor. One time, while Black... [More]


True Crime Exhibit includes In Cold Blood murders

The True Crime Exhibit incorporates evidence, artifacts and information showing how local and area law enforcement officers solved the crime spree of the Fleagle Gang, bank robbers and murderers of the 1920s who were once as widely known as Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Bonnie... [More]


Dotsero to perform at Oakley High School

Dotsero-- to music fans worldwide, this name translates to “a no- nonsense thrill ride of energy and excitement”, a band full of life, energy, and spontaneity, who will perform for WPAA’s second program of the season. The five-member band, originating in Denver,... [More]


DAR Presents US Flag to Sharon Springs 4th Grade

Mrs. Hennick accepted the flag which was provided by Senator Jerry Moran’s office.  This flag flew over the State Capitol in May.  The students also received goody bags with a pencil, flag pin, and a booklet on how to properly care for the flag.  Pictured... [More]

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Michele Howell Makes First Appearance on Arson Charges

Michele Howell appeared in Wallace County District Court on Wednesday, April 7th in person via zoom meeting.  Her court appointed attorney Justin Barrett, Colby opted not to appear with his client for her first appearance. Wallace County Attorney Charles Moser appeared on... [More]

Margheim and Schippers Sentenced in Wallace County District Court

Jake Wilson Margheim appeared in Wallace County District Court on November 12th, 2020 for sentencing in case number 17 CR 33.  Margheim had been charged with 1 count of unlawful possession with intent to distribute marijuana, a level 4 drug felony, on January 28, 2017.  Margheim... [More]

Traffic Court July-December 2020

Elmer Nelson of Lamar, CO was fined $93 plus court costs on 9/3/2020 - cited driving 73 mph in a 55 mph zone on 1/18/1994 by WACOSO. Kathleen Brammer of Grain Valley, MO was fined $69 plus court costs on 9/10/20250 – cited driving 79 mph in a 65 mph zone on 10/05/2018 by... [More]

Small Claims Court Proceedings

Case number 2020-SC-2 D Walker Concrete, LLC vs Jory Parks. On June 15th, 2020 (plaintiff) D Walker Concrete LLC filed claim against (defendant) Jory Parks, DBA Heartcross Ranch Designs LLC in the amount of $1150.25 for concrete delivered, plus $15 for sheriff service and $67.50... [More]

District Court Sentencings

Rolando Gonzales appeared in Wallace County District Court on January 12, 2020 for sentencing in case number 2019-CR-10 with court appointed attorney Christopher Rohr of Colby, Kans. On February 13, 2019, Gonzales had been found guilty of count 1 Possession of a Controlled Substance,... [More]

Traffic Court March - June

Skyler Jacob Adams Urban, Goodland Kans, transporting an open container, purchase/possession/comume by minor. Deferred adjudication, 12 months. Court Costs $108. William M Dysart, Jr., Weatherford, Okla, driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone, Fined $87, court cost $108.  Shane... [More]

Wallace County District Court Proceedings

Rene Trevino appeared in Wallace County District Court on October 2, 2019 for sentencing in case number 2019 CR 12.  Trevino had been charged with 1 Count Domestic Battery, a Class B, Person Misdemeanor on September 7, 2019.  He appeared in court with court-appointed... [More]

Traffic Court for January and February

Catherine Elizabeth Capra, Pleasant Hill, Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred, court costs $108. Justin Blake Meyer, St. Francis, Kans, liquor purchased by minor, nolo contendre, fined $200, court costs $239. Transporting an open container, guilty plea, fined $200.... [More]

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Bugle Notes - 9/17/22

The Fort Wallace Museum has just completed a big weekend of activities, which in spite of small challenges, was a success. Our 2022 History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days had the theme of “Communication Along the Smoky Hill Trail, “ and brought in local historians... [More]


Fort Wallace Museum to Host History Exposition

Don’t miss this weekend’s History Exposition and Outdoor Education Day “Communication Along the Smoky Hill Trail!” On Friday and Saturday, the grounds will be filled with demonstrations of telegraphy, oxen, printing press, bugle calls, Cheyenne Ledger... [More]


Bugle Notes - 9/1/22

Our big History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days are approaching on Friday, Sept. 9 and Saturday, Sept. 10! This year’s theme is “Communication Along the Smoky Hill Trail,” with exhibits on telegraph, telephone, military communication, bugle calls, Plains... [More]


Bugle Notes - 8/25/22

We hope you have marked your calendars for the upcoming History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days at the Fort Wallace Museum, coming up Friday, Sept. 9 and Saturday, Sept. 10! Our grounds will be filled with demonstrators exploring “Communication Along the Smoky Hill... [More]


Bugle Notes - 8/18/22

We are excited about our upcoming History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days for 2022! With this year’s theme of “Communication Along the Smoky Hill Trail,” we are offering a different twist to our demonstrations and guests. Our two-day event (Friday Sept... [More]


Bugle Notes - 7/14/22

The Museum was filled with activity the week of July 5-8 as we hosted 15 local youth for our first History Day Camp! Six professional educators, led by FWMA Board Member Brenda Tropf, led exploration by 15 4th-8th Graders as we learned about the Robidoux and Madigan General Stores,... [More]


Bugle Notes - 6/30/22

The summer travel season is rolling along at the Fort WALLACE Museum! In spite of high gas prices, people are indeed traveling along Highway 40, including international travelers from such locations as Germany, Australia, and the Netherlands.  Our History Day Camp for grades... [More]


Bugle Notes - 5/26/22

Memorial Day Weekend 2022 approaches and that means that things are about to get busy in Wallace! The 68th Fort Wallace Rodeo will have its Saturday performance on May 28th at 7 pm MDT at the Rodeo Grounds just east of Wallace. The Sunday performance is at a special time - 5... [More]

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Times Gone Past 9/22/2022

15 Years Ago (2007) The Strand Theater was showing “Rush Hour 3” starring Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Max von Sydow. The following movie was “No Reservations” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Twenty-five members of the Wallace County... [More]


Times Gone Past 9/15/22

20 Years Ago (2002) The Strand Theater was showing “xXx” starring Vin Diesel, Marton Csokas and Samuel L. Jackson. The following movie was “Blue Crush” starring Kate Bosworth, Matthew Davis, and Michelle Rodriguez. The children of Roy & Dot Mangold... [More]


Times Gone Past 9/8/22

25 Years Ago (1997) The Strand Theater was showing “Cop Land” starring Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta, and Robert De Niro. The following movie was “Picture Perfect” starring Jennifer Aniston, Olympia Dukakis and Kevin Bacon.  Coyote... [More]


Times Gone Past 9/1/22

30 Years Ago (1992) The Strand Theater was showing “Batman Returns” starring Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christopher Walken. The following movie was “Honey, I Blew Up the Kid” starring Rick Moranis and Marcia Strassman. The... [More]


Times Gone Past 8/25/22

15 Years Ago (2007) The Fort Wallace Museum invited the public to come visit their new display on September 2. Floris & the late Viola Weiser donated an extensive collection of Indian artifacts. The Strand Theater was showing “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”... [More]


Times Gone Past 8/18/22

20 Years Ago (2002) The Strand Theater was showing “Stuart Little 2” featuring the voices of Michael J. Fox, Geena Davis, and Hugh Laurie. The following movie was “Austin Powers in Goldmember” starring Mike Myers, Beyonce, and Vern Troyer. At the... [More]

Times Gone Past 8/11/22

25 Years Ago (1997) The Strand Theater was showing “Out to Sea” starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and Dyan Cannon. The following movie was “Men in Black” starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Dry Creek was running at almost full capacity after... [More]

Times Gone Past 8/4/22

30 Years Ago (1992) The Strand Theater was showing “Universal Soldier” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, and Ally Walker. The following movie was “Sister Act” starring Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Harvey Keitel, and Kathy Najimy. ... [More]

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