Prairie Doc® Perspectives - A Prayer for Aging from the Ancient Medicine Wheel


Nothing has touched my soul and spoken to aging with grace quite like the ancient Indian medicine wheel and the traditions that have evolved from it. From the National Library of Medicine, I learned that in the Americas, Indian tribes have multiple interpretations of the four directions, but the following prayer is my own, geriatrician’s interpretation of a version from the book Black Elk Speaks and Oyate (Nakota, Dakota, Lakota) tradition.

First, we get down on our knees and feel the soil, the sacred Mother Earth, bringing the world around us, the animals, plants, prairies, lakes, mountains, the environment of our planet from where all food and sustenance comes. Earth is foundation. Then we stand up on our tiptoes, and raise our arms to sacred Father Sky, the sun, stars, clouds, rain, wind, air and breath of life, light and dark; from where all energy flows and ebbs. Sky is infinity. Earth and sky, the beginning and the end.

Around the central campfire and within the circle, first we bow east, symbolized by red, rising sun, springtime, birth, blood, the very young; a sense of innocence, youth. May we have hope for a future with an open mind to all things new and true.

We bow south, symbolized by yellow, full sun, summer, sexuality, the anticipating young woman and young man; a sense of unconquerable power and invulnerability, early adulthood. May we have the courage and strength to fight for justice.

We bow west, symbolized by black, setting sun, an approaching dark thunderstorm, oncoming night, autumn, resignation, the reality filled community leader and medicine woman/midwife; a sense of the horrors of war and reality of loss, mature adulthood. May we have the gravity to protect freedom of choice and face vulnerability with honest eyes.

Finally, we bow north, symbolized by white, starry night, winter, old age, wisdom, the sagacious elder and teacher; a sense of beauty, grandchildren and the circle of life, an experienced body and mind, release from the fear of change and death. May we have insight to savor family and friendship, and the good sense to walk in another’s moccasins.

Inside the circle is the tree of life, where we become aware of our self, our consciousness, tribe, community, country, world, and our connection to all direction.

Dear Mother/Father of Earth and Sky, thank you for your blessings, the sacred hoop of life, and especially the wisdom to find release from fear of death. May our sisters and brothers of all Clans and Nations realize our sacred connection and, in harmony, savor the joy and even the sorrow of our circle of life and aging.



Prairie Doc® Perspectives - Finding a New Balance

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Prairie Doc® Perspectives - Finding a New Balance

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Wallace County District Court Proceedings

Rene Trevino appeared in Wallace County District Court on October 2, 2019 for sentencing in case number 2019 CR 12.  Trevino had been charged with 1 Count Domestic Battery, a Class B, Person Misdemeanor on September 7, 2019.  He appeared in court with court-appointed... [More]

Traffic Court for January and February

Catherine Elizabeth Capra, Pleasant Hill, Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred, court costs $108. Justin Blake Meyer, St. Francis, Kans, liquor purchased by minor, nolo contendre, fined $200, court costs $239. Transporting an open container, guilty plea, fined $200.... [More]

Traffic Court September-December

Forman, David Scott, Miami Fla, driving 78 mph in a 50 mph zone. Fines $177 Court Cost $108. Hagan, Audrey Ann, Columbia Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone. Deferred. Court Cost $108. Pfeffer, Samuel Tyler, Sharon Springs, Reckless Driving.  Bench Trial – Not... [More]

Traffic Court up to September 2019

Turner, Philip Russell II, driving 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred adjudication, court costs $108. Patton, Amanda, driving 93 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred adjudication, court costs $108. Ramey, Tyler Ray, failure to stop or obey railroad crossing signal, fines $195, court... [More]

Wallace County District Court Sentencings

On May 15th, Vance Diamond Halsey appeared in the Wallace County District Court with court appointed attorney, Christopher Rohr, Colby for sentencing in the matter of case 2019-CR-03.  Halsey was charged with Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer on March 12, 2019, ... [More]

Traffic Court for May-June 2019

May Traffic Report Thomas, Dyami R, Bellingham, Wash, driving 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, fines $105, court cost $108. Araujo Pompa, Almedio, Coral Gables, Fla, driving 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, fines $105, court cost $108. Lennon, Jake Owen, Pittsburg, Penn, driving 93 mph... [More]

Traffic Court for April 2019

James Manuel Phillips, Gardner, Colo, driving 77 mph in a 65 mph zone, fines $57 and court costs $108. Kenzie Marie Spreier, Colby, Kans, diving 80 in a 65 mph zone, fines $75 and court costs $108. Erick Edward Jarosz, Canon City, Colo, driving 84 mph in a 65 mph zone,... [More]

Brandon and Fugate Sentenced

Jonathan Brandon appeared in Wallace County District Court on April 10th, 2019, with his court appointed attorney, Steve Cott, Garden City, for sentencing in cases 17 CR 51 and 17 CR 58. Each case charged Brandon with Distribution of Methamphetamine within 1000 feet of a school,... [More]

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Haylee Hennick Awarded Janet L. Cowles Van Allen Memorial Scholarship

Haylee Hennick, daughter of Staci and Jason Hennick, has been awarded the Janet L. Cowles Van Allen Memorial Scholarship.   The recipient must be a graduate of one of the Wallace County Kansas High Schools enrolling in the curriculum of their choice at Kansas State University.... [More]


Western Kansas Valley Introduces New Manager

We take great pride in announcing Judd McCurdy as the new manager at Western Kansas Valley in Sharon Springs. Western Kansas Valley is confident in Judd’s ability to help local farmers with their future irrigation needs in the Northwest Kansas and Eastern Colorado area.... [More]


Farewell O'Connors

After 20 years in Sharon Springs, Larry & Linda O’Connor have taken positions at Canton Galva High School, where their son Tyler and family live.  Coach O will be the head coach for the boys’ basketball team and will also be the school’s Activities... [More]


Rotary Club Honors Area Graduates

The Rotary Club of Sharon Springs wanted to do something special to honor the graduating classes of 2020.  Peggy Fischer donated her time to snap photos of the grads in their caps and gowns.  Congratulations Wallace County High School and Weskan High School graduates!... [More]

Cascade Investment Group Joins ECB Family

Eastern Colorado Bank (ECB) is excited to announce that Cascade Investment Group, Inc. has joined the ECB family. Our partnership with Cascade Investment Group, Inc. allows ECB to offer a full menu of financial services to our customers.   ECB CEO Greg Weed searched for... [More]


Pete Henry Foundation Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Pete Henry Scholarship was created through the generosity of Pete Henry who was a farmer for many years in the Brewster, Kansas area.  Pete had an inquiring mind and knew the value of hard work, thrift and good management. He was born in 1910 and raised on a farm near... [More]


How does your garden grow? - Kansas State Flower

In 1903 the wild sunflower became the official state flower of Kansas.  This was less than a decade after lawmakers had unsuccessfully called for the eradication of this “noxious weed.” In their legislation, lawmakers praised the sunflower as a symbol of the... [More]


Weskan Schools Library Receives Donation

The Weskan School received a $500 donation from the Midwest Energy Community Fund Spring disbursement.  These funds will be used to purchase new library books.  U.S.D #242 was one of over 600 organizations that submitted applications for the awards. The Midwest Energy... [More]

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Bugle Notes - May 28, 2020

Although it was a very different year, the Wallace Community still managed to honor the sacrifices of our military on Memorial Day 2020.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions that are still in place, a “Do-It-Yourself” observance was held in the morning at the cemetery,... [More]


Bugle Notes - May 7, 2020

The Museum has been missing its visitors, but things are still happening on the grounds! A long-time need has been addressed by some of our hard-working volunteers, combined with the generosity of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation through the Wallace County Foundation. Over the past... [More]


Bugle Notes - Apr 2, 2020

The Fort Wallace Museum continues to be closed to visitors until April 6th, when the Board will re-evaluate opening hours once more. We do have staff putting in hours at the Museum on most days, so do feel free to give us a call at 785.891.3564 to ask a question or leave a message. ... [More]


Bugle Notes - Mar 19, 2020

This past weekend, the Guardians of Fort Wallace Museum’s Fundraiser Banquet was compelled to greatly scale back their planned events, due to weather. as well as health concerns. The “Harvesting the Plains” History Symposium went on with a very limited audience.... [More]


Bugle Notes - Mar 12, 2020

The Museum will host a Nex-Gen high school or college intern (age 16 and up) for the summer of 2020! The application process for this internship is open through March 15! We would love to have you on our team and help develop Museum interpretation, while making a good wage and... [More]


Bugle Notes - History Symposium on March 14

The Guardians of the Fort Wallace Museum are gearing up for a wonderful day of events on Saturday, March 14!  The day opens with a history symposium, with speakers from Arizona, Texas, and Kansas, and ends with a gala fundraiser banquet in honor of Capt. Myles Keogh of the... [More]


Bugle Notes - Upcoming Events

Wallace, Kansas….The Fort Wallace Museum continues its great tradition of exploring history with a twist of fun with a full day of activities on Saturday, March 14, 2020. The public is invited to enjoy the day’s historical Symposium and the evening’s fundraiser... [More]


Bugle Notes - Henry B. Crawford presentation

Henry B. Crawford of Lubbock, Texas, will be the D. K. Clark lecturer at the Harvesting the Plains Symposium at the Fort Wallace Museum on Saturday, March 14. His presentation, "Buffalo Hunting--A Hands-On History: Materials, Methods, and Mooar" will be the third since the series... [More]

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