Commissioner Proceedings 1/31/23

The Wallace County Board of Commissioners met in regular session with, Larry Townsend, Chairman Michael Cowles, Commissioner, Ronnie Hill, Commissioner, and Jacalyn Mai, County Clerk present.  

The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Cowles at 8:00 a.m.


Commissioner Townsend entered the meeting.


Commissioner Larson moved to approve the January 9, 2023 minutes. Commissioner Cowles seconded.


AYE    3                                  NAY   0


Warrants # 28955-29012 in the amount of $ 111,976.96 were approved for payment. Payroll warrants in the amount of $ 109,679.01 for the working period of January 8, 2023 through January 21, 2023 were approved for payment.


Dustin Walker with Murphy Tractor and Equipment entered the meeting at 8:40

Christine Smith, County Treasurer entered the meeting. 

The county has 3 certificate of deposits at the bank. Totaling 5 million dollars. Two of the CD’s are going to be expiring soon. 

Right now we are getting .44%. They are willing to come close to what the Pooled money investments are. 

Christine’s recommendation is to stair stepping the investments. Maybe do a 6 month and 1 year. There is one that if the commissioners agree to take out and put back in at t better interest rate there would be a penalty of a little under $ 5,000.00.

The board agreed to have two $ 2,000,000.00 in for 12 months and 1 $ 1,000,000.00 for 6 month and take the penalty. 

Christine will go to the bank and take care of things.


Doug Springsteel entered the meeting to report on the Landfill.


More work on compactor is needing to be done. It is still currently at Foleys with cost at $ 30,000.00 and with a possibility of a total of $ 56,000.00.


Anthony Garcia, Road Supervisor entered the meeting to report on his department.


Dustin Walker from Foley Equipment presented a bid a couple bids for a grader.


The commissioners meeting was moved to the courtroom. Eileen Porubsky, and Shelly Wolf residential Health Care Center, Lacey Hunter with the State of Kansas were zoomed in. Several Wallace County residents and WCCCC board members were available to ask Eileen, Shelly and Lacey questions about the care that could provide and what the State allows for this type of care faciality. Eileen stated that they had not been able to get any information from the care center to see what the level of care would be. They would be able to make a more informed answer if they could get the records. 


After a lengthy discussion the meeting moved to commissioner’s room. 


Charles Moser visited with the commissioners about the WCCCC lease. He will look into the lease further before the next meeting. 


Charles Moser and Christine Smith had visited about a tax foreclosure sale for Wallace County. There is a company out of Wichita that would charge $ 225.00 per parcel plus expenses. Charles stated that his office would do the same work for the same price for his firm to do it. He estimated a 9 to 12 month time frame from start to finish.  


Commissioner Cowles moved to have Moser Mangan Law firm to proceed with the tax sale. Larson seconded.

AYE    3                                  NAY   0


Marshall Unruh, Sheriff entered the meeting to report on his department. He is requesting a $ 500.00 raise for his Emergency Management pay for 2024.


Law officers nationalized police training. KLATC is trying to get ahead. 


He will need more room for a commissary.


Wendy Dunagan, County Appraiser entered the meeting to visit with the board about the 2023 values. Values are needing to be increased. Final review numbers are looking to be higher on houses due to recent sales. The board agreed to proceed with the numbers that she has come up with. Make all properties equitable. 


Trish Voth, Attorney with Foulston Siefkin, LLP entered the meeting by Zoom and Charles Moser, County Attorney present.


Commissioner Larson moved to go into executive session at 11:33 am for Attorney-Client Privilege Exception for Potential Local Development for 25 mins and return at 11:58 am. Invited in are the 3 commissioners, Trish Voth & Charles Moser.  Commissioner Cowles seconded.    


                                                            AYE    3                                  NAY   0


Returned to regular session at 11:58 am.


No action taken.


Christine presented testimony for HB & SB to allot more for the services for the state and a letter of support.


Recessed for lunch.


Reconvene at 1:00 pm.


Melinda Daily and Nancy Schmidt repairs at the Care Center. Connie Harrison, Linda Tittle, Dennis Sharp are present.


There was much discussion on issues the Care Center Board would like have answers on.  The board feels that the county has not paid the bills for repairs to the building. Clerk Mai stated that all bills that have been turned in for building repairs have been paid. If they had not they were not turned into us. Their interpretation of bills for building upkeep differs from what the clerk feels should be paid. Clerk Mai stated that ALL bills that the Care Center turns into the County Clerk’s Office will be brought down for approval for payment. The Commissioners will determine what will be paid or not paid.


Bob Bolen entered the meeting Weed Management Plan for 2023.  Annual Report for 2022.


The board signed the Annual Report for 2022.


Bob stated that he would like the commissioners to consider looking for someone else to spray the North Park, Courthouse, and Care Center lawns and take on the liability of the jobs. They will need to have a bid and that they have insurance.


The board agreed to allow Bob to start looking at chemicals and purchase it if he is needed it.


Lissa Sexson visited the board a little bit about the Network Kansas for Small Business. E Community.


Commissioner Larson made a motion to give $ 5,000.00 in seed money for Store front/Signage Grant Program Commissioner Townsend seconded.


AYE    3                                  NAY   0


Kansas Housing 2023 Housing Development Notice of Application for intent to use Kansas Housing.


Dennis Sharp met with the board to discuss the city putting poles up and powerlines on the north county lots.


Clerk Mai state that the board should resend Resolution 2023-02 Burn Ban since it was not used. Commissioner Cowles moved to resend Resolution 2023-02. Commissioner Larson seconded.


AYE    3                                  NAY   0


A call was placed to Eileen Porubsky.


Clerk Mai presented the Agreement of Services with the Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas. The board agreed to sign it for 2023.  


Raises were discussed raises for elected officials. It will be discussed at the next meeting.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.





____________________________                                        ________________________________

Jacalyn Mai, County Clerk                                                     Larry Townsend, Chairman




                                                                                                Becky Larson, Commissioner                                                                                               




                                                                                                Michael Cowles, Commissioner


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Western Plains Arts Association Presents the US Navy Band

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Cherry & Chocolate event held at Masonic Lodge

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Sees Honored by Kansas Bankers

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Bugle Notes - 02/09/23

Our official artwork for 2023 is "The Contrary Warrior’ by 20-year-old Mah'Hivists Deer (Good Warrior Deer) of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. His ancestors include Northern and Southern Cheyenne, Arapaho, Kiowa, Sauk and Fox and Iowa Tribes. This dynamic picture is being featured... [More]


Bugle Notes - 2/2/23

We will be holding a watch party for the season-opening episode of “Cottonwood Connections” on Smoky Hills Public TV this Sunday, Feb. 5 at 5 pm MST. This thirty-minute film features the history of Fort Wallace, as well as the efforts of the Fort Wallace Museum to... [More]


Bugle Notes - 1/26/23

Cottonwood Connections is a new video series on Smoky Hills Public Television being produced through the Friends of the Cottonwood Ranch with film director Ed Lowry. An initial season included host/historian Don Rowlison who explored such subjects as Legacy of the Cottonwood... [More]


Bugle Notes - 12/1/22

You are invited to join us at the Fort Wallace Museum this coming Sunday, December 4 at 5 pm for our annual “Candlelight Christmas!” The 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church is the location for a traditional Swedish Lutheran Carol service, with special music. Afterward, attendees... [More]


Bugle Notes - 10/27/22

The Fort Wallace Museum is pleased to announce another venture, this time into the publication of a children’s book “A Dragon’s Tale” by Marla Matkin. This whimsical piece of historical fiction features a little boy named Elliot who loves to imagine himself... [More]


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