The Postscript - Nov 19, 2020 - Freshly Baked Bread


“I’m going to bake bread!” my husband, Peter, announced.
Inwardly, I said, “Oh, no.” 
Baking bread is not easy—until it is. Every person I know who bakes bread will agree. If there’s someone out there who tried baking bread for the first time and it was a great success, I would like to hear about it because, in my experience, you have to bake a lot of bad bread before you bake anything close to edible. I was afraid Peter was about to find this out. 
But what I said was, “Great, honey!”
A lot of people are trying to bake bread these days. Our store is still low on yeast and was out of flour for weeks. I wonder how many bags of flour and bottles of yeast are sitting around unused after a first, disastrous attempt. I remember when I first decided to bake bread. 
“I’m going to bake bread!” I announced. There was no one around to discourage me. 
I don’t know how many loaves of terrible bread I baked. I lost count. I tried all sorts of recipes. I blamed the altitude and the flour and the yeast. Nothing worked. I kept producing these heavy, unappetizing loaves and the only thing that prevented me from giving them to the birds was my landlord, a portly man, who came by to chat almost every day. He would eat absolutely anything with enough butter and honey on it.  
So, my landlord ate loaf after loaf of terrible bread until one day I tried the “No-Knead Bread,” which my brother-in-law recommended and, quite unexpectedly, I made edible bread for the first time. 
This was more than ten years ago and, since that time, I have not experimented with another kind of bread. I will put nuts and raisins and cranberries and wheat bran in my bread on occasion, but the basic recipe remains the same because I figure I am lucky to have found one kind of bread I can manage. 
Peter was inspired to bake bread because he remembered the bread his mother made when he was a child. The recipe was on a 3x5 index card she’d labeled, “My Good Bread.”
“Did she have bad bread?” I asked Peter.
“No. This is the only bread she made.”
I never met Peter’s mother. She died before Peter and I met. But other than giving birth to Peter, I’ve no reason to believe she had any superhuman abilities. I’m guessing she learned to bake bread like everyone else—she failed until she found something that worked for her. That’s why she called it “My Good Bread,” to differentiate it from the countless loaves of terrible bread that proceeded it. 
And it was obvious she wrote the recipe for herself. There was no oven temperature given, no baking time, and the ingredients were arcane. I’ve never seen “cake yeast” in the store and I’d have to guess that “potato water” was water she had boiled potatoes in. She used a type of graham flour that, as far as Peter can determine, is no longer made. Still, Peter was optimistic. 
A few hours later, the results were in. 
“My bread is a failure!” Peter announced. 
The bread was tasty enough, but it crumbled as soon as it was cut. 
“Well,” I said, “you’ll just have to try again!” And I suspect Peter will. 
Because there is a reason we bake bread. 
It is frustrating and time-consuming and failure-prone. But, really, there is nothing in the world like a loaf of freshly baked bread.

Till next time,



The Postscript - Nov 12, 2020 - Dog Celebrity

I am a celebrity among the neighborhood dogs.  By now, I have been giving out dog treats on my daily walk for several months. If you think this has gone unnoticed among my town’s dog population, you would be very much mistaken. If Gwyneth Paltrow or Brad Pitt were... [More]


The Postscript - Nov 5, 2020 - Early Snow

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The Postscript - Oct 29, 2020 - Scary Stories

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The Postscript - Oct 22, 2020 - Nothing Happening

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The Postscript - Oct 15, 2020 - Animal Office Mates

Today I will get Blue again. Blue is the anxious Italian mastiff that I dog-sit on Wednesdays while his owner, Bill, works in the office. The new procedure is that I walk down to Bill’s house, fetch Blue, and bring him back to my home. This seems to work better than having... [More]


The Postscript - Oct 8, 2020 - The Stomachache

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The Postscript - Oct 1, 2020 - Zooming

Yesterday, I had a nice long Zoom chat with an old friend.  I know this is nothing remarkable these days, but it was the first time my friend, Andrew, had used Zoom and I was frankly a little surprised.  Andrew isn’t on Facebook. “It’s none of anyone’s... [More]


The Postscript - Sep 24, 2020 - Mouse Wars

My husband Peter is now at war with the mice. The mice (possibly with the assistance of a rat or two) have eaten the electrical wiring in our car causing extensive damage. The coating on the wires is apparently tasty. I don’t know any automobile engineers personally but,... [More]

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Small Claims Court Proceedings

Case number 2020-SC-2 D Walker Concrete, LLC vs Jory Parks. On June 15th, 2020 (plaintiff) D Walker Concrete LLC filed claim against (defendant) Jory Parks, DBA Heartcross Ranch Designs LLC in the amount of $1150.25 for concrete delivered, plus $15 for sheriff service and $67.50... [More]

District Court Sentencings

Rolando Gonzales appeared in Wallace County District Court on January 12, 2020 for sentencing in case number 2019-CR-10 with court appointed attorney Christopher Rohr of Colby, Kans. On February 13, 2019, Gonzales had been found guilty of count 1 Possession of a Controlled Substance,... [More]

Traffic Court March - June

Skyler Jacob Adams Urban, Goodland Kans, transporting an open container, purchase/possession/comume by minor. Deferred adjudication, 12 months. Court Costs $108. William M Dysart, Jr., Weatherford, Okla, driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone, Fined $87, court cost $108.  Shane... [More]

Wallace County District Court Proceedings

Rene Trevino appeared in Wallace County District Court on October 2, 2019 for sentencing in case number 2019 CR 12.  Trevino had been charged with 1 Count Domestic Battery, a Class B, Person Misdemeanor on September 7, 2019.  He appeared in court with court-appointed... [More]

Traffic Court for January and February

Catherine Elizabeth Capra, Pleasant Hill, Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred, court costs $108. Justin Blake Meyer, St. Francis, Kans, liquor purchased by minor, nolo contendre, fined $200, court costs $239. Transporting an open container, guilty plea, fined $200.... [More]

Traffic Court September-December

Forman, David Scott, Miami Fla, driving 78 mph in a 50 mph zone. Fines $177 Court Cost $108. Hagan, Audrey Ann, Columbia Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone. Deferred. Court Cost $108. Pfeffer, Samuel Tyler, Sharon Springs, Reckless Driving.  Bench Trial – Not... [More]

Traffic Court up to September 2019

Turner, Philip Russell II, driving 85 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred adjudication, court costs $108. Patton, Amanda, driving 93 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred adjudication, court costs $108. Ramey, Tyler Ray, failure to stop or obey railroad crossing signal, fines $195, court... [More]

Wallace County District Court Sentencings

On May 15th, Vance Diamond Halsey appeared in the Wallace County District Court with court appointed attorney, Christopher Rohr, Colby for sentencing in the matter of case 2019-CR-03.  Halsey was charged with Fleeing or Attempting to Elude a Police Officer on March 12, 2019, ... [More]

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Local Volleyball Athletes Named to League Teams

The NWKL announced the 2020 All League Volleyball teams. Member schools in the Northwest Kansas League include Atwood – Rawlins County High School, Dighton High school, Oberlin – Decatur County High School, Quinter High School, Sharon Springs – Wallace County... [More]


Photo of the 36th annual Last Chance Craft Fair

The 36th Annual Last Chance Craft Fair filled the Wallace County High School gym with vendors from across the state last Saturday. 

Senior Center Happenings

The senior center is open Tuesday and Thursday 9 - noon and also Friday afternoon at 1 for the card players. Noon potluck luncheon is held on the first Monday of each month. Everyone is welcome to attend. There are several new items available to purchase in the craft corner.... [More]


Sen. Moran Conservation Tour

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) held his 15th Annual Conservation Tour last week, which included visits across four Kansas counties – Sheridan, Logan, Thomas and Sherman – and was joined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Resource Conservation Service’s... [More]


New Power Line Between Winona to Wallace to Bring Improved Reliability

Midwest Energy linemen from throughout the Colby district recently completed a new 8.5 mile long, 34.5 kV line along US 40 between the new Winona substation and the Wallace substation, rebuilding a key part of the company’s western transmission system that has presented... [More]


Findings from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Study on Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2

Background - SARS-CoV-2 infection is transmitted predominately by respiratory droplets generated when people cough, sneeze, sing, talk, or breathe. CDC recommends community use of masks, specifically non-valved multi-layer cloth masks, to prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Masks... [More]


WCHS Alum Honored to Deliver the Capitol Christmas Tree

Santa Claus isn’t the only one getting ready to make a delivery this Christmas. One Colorado trucking company already is feeling merry as it prepares for a special holiday haul. Apex Transportation, founded in 1996 and based in Henderson, Colo., was chosen to haul this... [More]


Northwest Tech Implements New Certification

GOODLAND, Kan. –Northwest Tech has announced that it is one of the first post-secondary schools to participate in the national expansion of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation’s pilot curriculum, known as the MRW Work Ethic Certification. This program is currently underway... [More]

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Bugle Notes - Nov 5, 2020

As previously announced, Tyler Flock of Burlington, CO was the lucky winner of our September Bow and Arrow raffle. A couple of weeks ago, Tyler brought his family for a great visit and to pick up his prize. Congratulations, Tyler and thanks for supporting the Fort Wallace Memorial... [More]


Bugle Notes - Oct 22, 2020

The Fort Wallace Memorial Association has been making a difference in Wallace County for the past 95 years. Our organization was “founded in 1925 by the people of Wallace County to establish a memorial to the pioneers of Old Fort Wallace and Western Kansas.” (Wallace... [More]


Bugle Notes - Oct 15, 2020

During the bustle of the past month, we missed informing the public of a new little resident that has come to live at the Museum! Nestled in front of our exhibit on Teddy Roosevelt’s historic 1903 visit to Sharon Springs is Josiah, the little stuffed badger! Created by... [More]


Bugle Notes - Sep 24, 2020

The Guardians of the Fort Wallace Museum recently wrapped up their Buffalo Hunt Raffle fundraiser, as the finale for their “Harvesting the Plains” event on Sat. Sept. 12, 2020. The lucky winner was Chaston Hoeme of Scott City, KS. Chaston celebrated his birthday this... [More]


Bugle Notes - Harvesting the Plains Exposition

Another epic weekend is now a memory here at the Fort Wallace Museum! This year’s Exposition was “Harvesting the Plains,” a 2-day outdoor education experience teaching what it took to live on the Prairie in the 19th century. Buffalo hunting, food gathering and... [More]


Bugle Notes - Sep 10, 2020

The public is invited to experience a journey to the past at the Harvesting the Plains Exposition on Friday, September 11, and Saturday, September 12, on the Fort Wallace Museum grounds in Wallace, Kansas. Harvesting the plains may be done a little differently today than it was... [More]


Bugle Notes - Sep 3, 2020

Rodeo Weekend is here! Join us this Saturday, Sept. 5 at the Wallace Rodeo Grounds for a 7 pm MT performance. Special features are the Cole Hudson Memorial Saddle Bronc Riding, as well as miniature bull riding for young people. A repeat performance will be held on Sunday evening,... [More]


Bugle Notes - Aug 27, 2020

Grab your boots and your hat, it’s almost time for the Fort Wallace Rodeo! The postponed Rodeo is planned for Labor Day Weekend, Sat. Sept. 5 at 7 PM MDT and Sun. Sept. 6 at 6 PM MDT. Please note the Sunday time (6 PM) is a change from the recent past, as we tried to avoid... [More]

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