The Postscript - May 13, 2021 - The Treat Lady


Tanner and Dakota are waiting for me. 
They’re standing at the corner of their chain-link fence, watching the sidewalk. They know I’m coming, even if they don’t know exactly when, even if they can’t see the sidewalk very well and can’t hear at all. 
Tanner and Dakota are my two oldest dog customers, dogs I give treats to nearly every day. My husband, Peter, has decided against paying the big bucks for high-priced dog treats full of questionable ingredients. He bought himself a dog-bone-shaped cookie cutter, did some research on the internet, and now he bakes healthy dog treats for me to take on my daily hike. As you might imagine, as the Treat Lady, I have a lot of loyal customers. 
Some of the dogs have even tracked me to my home. Matilda, a pudgy corgi, knows where I live and pauses every time she walks by with her owners, licking her lips. One day, Snoopy, the giant Bernese mountain dog, who I meet on the trail, was walking by the house. Snoopy is now almost a year and a half old and weighs more than 170 pounds. 
I told Peter, “That’s Snoopy!” and (probably unadvisedly) called out the front door, “Hey, Snoopy!” Snoopy stopped in his tracks and stared. 
Darron and Monica, Snoopy’s owners, came and chatted on the stoop and I thought no more about it. Snoopy, however, has a very good memory. 
A few days later, we saw Darron and Monica and Snoopy passing (probably intentionally) on the other side of the street. Not wanting to be pests, we didn’t holler out the door. But we were watching Snoopy staring at our house and walking more slowly. Finally, he came to a dead stop on the sidewalk, still staring at our front door. We could see Darron tugging on his leash, and that’s when Snoopy decided to lie down. Snoopy went on strike.
There isn’t much you can do when a 170-pound dog has decided he is going to lie down on the sidewalk. We saw Darron and Monica’s growing frustration and that’s when Peter yelled from the door, “Hey, Snoopy!”
Snoopy leapt to his feet and bolted straight to our door, dragging Darron down the steep hill in front of our house. Snoopy landed in a happy, panting pile on the stoop. 
“You see?” he seemed to be saying to Monica and Darron. “We had to visit!” Snoopy is a very sweet dog. 
All the dogs are sweet. Fergus, a cattle dog of some type, leaps into the air whenever he sees me on the trail and gives me a kiss on the face. His owner no longer says, “Stop, Fergus!” because there is no stopping Fergus from kissing me. Fergus loves the Treat Lady. And I really don’t mind at all. 
As we prepare to leave this place, I think of all the dogs I am going to miss and I wonder if they will miss me. But I know there are dogs in every state, in every country, and every dog needs a treat. I don’t think I’ll stop being the Treat Lady, living somewhere else. 
Tanner and Dakota are still waiting at the fence. I give them each a treat and Tanner barks in excitement. His bark is loud and strange because he is deaf, but I can tell he is happy—even if he can’t see me, even if he’s not entirely sure where this treat is coming from. 
“You’re such a good dog,” I tell him, scratching his gray muzzle. “You deserve a treat.”

Till next time,



The Postscript - May 6, 2021 - Still Nagging

It is a well-known fact that we are allowed to chew out the people we care about. Most recently, this came to mind when I gave my old friend, Andrew, a serious tongue-lashing.   Andrew is a lifelong bachelor, and a committed curmudgeon. He is better than most curmudgeons... [More]


The Postscript - Apr 29, 2021 - New Systems

I finished my bath and saw that the rust-orange towel had molted all over my body.  I was covered with tufts of orange fur. It was not a good look, and it felt worse than it looked. Worse yet, it gave me a taste of what the next two months would be like.  My husband,... [More]


The Postscript - Apr 22, 2021 - The Last Box

“Oh my gosh. I don’t want to open that box.” Moving furniture and books and clothing is easy. It’s moving memories that is hard.  I am going through the last of my boxes. I used to say I was not a packrat. I thought I was more like my mother than... [More]


The Postscript - Apr 15, 2021 - Stable Footing

The tree was lying on its side when I got to it.  It was a nice-looking pine tree, fluffy and full and as tall as me. The strong winds coupled with some unstable footing had caused it to fall over. This seemed too sad to simply walk by. I went over to the tree and, with... [More]


The Postscript - Apr 8, 2021 - Nocturnal Negotiations

It’s amazing that anyone shares a bed.  I know there are plenty of married and cohabiting couples who have separate beds, or even separate bedrooms, and I can see the logic in avoiding the snoring, the thrashing, the different sleep schedules, and the need to negotiate... [More]


The Postscript - Apr 1, 2021 - Out Like a Lion

March is winding down and my sister-in-law, Lori, is going with it.   There is too much food and too many flowers because that is what we do when someone is dying, when we don’t know what else to do as, gradually, the unthinkable becomes accepted and even ordinary.... [More]


The Postscript - Mar 25, 2021 - Lori's Laughter

Throughout the past year, my husband, Peter, and I have been seeing no one except Peter’s sister, Lori, and her husband.  Lori has Stage 4 cancer and has had a tough fight. She’s been on oxygen all this time. The decision of how careful we needed to be was easy.... [More]


The Postscript - Mar 18, 2021 - Cheese Fondue

It’s our anniversary, and Peter and I will be celebrating, like everyone has this past year, the best we are able.  We have not yet won the vaccine lottery. I recently received a note from the health department that basically said, “Don’t get your hopes... [More]

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Michele Howell Makes First Appearance on Arson Charges

Michele Howell appeared in Wallace County District Court on Wednesday, April 7th in person via zoom meeting.  Her court appointed attorney Justin Barrett, Colby opted not to appear with his client for her first appearance. Wallace County Attorney Charles Moser appeared on... [More]

Margheim and Schippers Sentenced in Wallace County District Court

Jake Wilson Margheim appeared in Wallace County District Court on November 12th, 2020 for sentencing in case number 17 CR 33.  Margheim had been charged with 1 count of unlawful possession with intent to distribute marijuana, a level 4 drug felony, on January 28, 2017.  Margheim... [More]

Traffic Court July-December 2020

Elmer Nelson of Lamar, CO was fined $93 plus court costs on 9/3/2020 - cited driving 73 mph in a 55 mph zone on 1/18/1994 by WACOSO. Kathleen Brammer of Grain Valley, MO was fined $69 plus court costs on 9/10/20250 – cited driving 79 mph in a 65 mph zone on 10/05/2018 by... [More]

Small Claims Court Proceedings

Case number 2020-SC-2 D Walker Concrete, LLC vs Jory Parks. On June 15th, 2020 (plaintiff) D Walker Concrete LLC filed claim against (defendant) Jory Parks, DBA Heartcross Ranch Designs LLC in the amount of $1150.25 for concrete delivered, plus $15 for sheriff service and $67.50... [More]

District Court Sentencings

Rolando Gonzales appeared in Wallace County District Court on January 12, 2020 for sentencing in case number 2019-CR-10 with court appointed attorney Christopher Rohr of Colby, Kans. On February 13, 2019, Gonzales had been found guilty of count 1 Possession of a Controlled Substance,... [More]

Traffic Court March - June

Skyler Jacob Adams Urban, Goodland Kans, transporting an open container, purchase/possession/comume by minor. Deferred adjudication, 12 months. Court Costs $108. William M Dysart, Jr., Weatherford, Okla, driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone, Fined $87, court cost $108.  Shane... [More]

Wallace County District Court Proceedings

Rene Trevino appeared in Wallace County District Court on October 2, 2019 for sentencing in case number 2019 CR 12.  Trevino had been charged with 1 Count Domestic Battery, a Class B, Person Misdemeanor on September 7, 2019.  He appeared in court with court-appointed... [More]

Traffic Court for January and February

Catherine Elizabeth Capra, Pleasant Hill, Mo, driving 78 mph in a 65 mph zone, deferred, court costs $108. Justin Blake Meyer, St. Francis, Kans, liquor purchased by minor, nolo contendre, fined $200, court costs $239. Transporting an open container, guilty plea, fined $200.... [More]

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WCHS Class of 2021

WCHS Class of 2021: (front) Jazzman Jones, Kylie Ryser, Makenna Chaney, Brooklyn Bussen, Felisa Ibarra-Wilcox, Maria Escamilla, (middle) Journey Gibbs, Alyssa Pierce, Jessie Carman, Victoria Spingsteel, Regan Stramel, Hailey Funk, Drayton Pletcher, (back) Aiden Mai, Cody Hawk,... [More]


Frasiers Featured on KSN News

Luca and Jaylee Frasier, children of Joel & Megan  Frasier of Sharon Springs, were recently featured in an article by KSN in Wichita.   The compassionate duo ran a total 51 miles to collect over $4,000 from sponsors.  These funds were then used to create activity... [More]


Mather Honored with Quilt

Lowell Mather was honored with a Quilt of Valor on April 11th.  Mather was drafted into the Army in 1954.  He completed his basic training at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas.  After basic training, Mather was sent to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for advanced training.   Mather... [More]


$19.09 Million in Lottery Prizes Won in April 2021

TOPEKA – April proved to be a lucky month for Kansas Lottery players throughout the state, with $19.09 million in prizes won or claimed! Of that, $16.04 million was claimed on instant scratch games, $1.86 million was won on draw games, and $1.19 million was won on monitor... [More]


Steele Tabbed as Next Conquistador Head Women’s Basketball Coach

The Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Landon Steele to be the next head women’s basketball coach for the Dodge City Conquistadors. Steele, a Sharon Springs native, comes to Dodge City after two years in the same position at Otero Junior... [More]

How does your garden grow? - Pruning Lilacs

Anyone who has old lilacs knows that lilac plants put out enough suckers to keep themselves alive for centuries. If lilacs are left to grow and spread on their own without maintenance pruning, you will get shrubs reaching 15-20 feet in height and all the blooms will be way above... [More]

Community Development in Western Kansas

Wallace County is one of the few counties in our state which does not utilize a community development/economic development position as a tool for businesses, local government, emergency management and non-profits to tap into a wide array of helpful information and funding. A... [More]


The Western Times Honored by KS Press

The 2021 Kansas Press Association Awards of Excellence results were released last week.  The Western Times received four awards, including First Place in the Best Newspaper Redesign category and placed Third in the Best Newspaper Website category... [More]

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Bugle Notes - May 13, 2021

Wednesday, May 6 was a great day of volunteerism at the Fort Wallace Museum! We were blessed by an afternoon of service by dozens of students and staff from Wallace County High School. These energetic young people repaired the stone wall, set new grave markers, and cleaned the... [More]


Bugle Notes - May 6, 2021

The 2021 Annual Meeting of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association is in the books and was attended by about 45 people. Board Elections were held, with Darius Bussen and Jayne Pearce being elected to another 3-year term. As Bailey Kemp declined another term on the Board, Brenda... [More]


Bugle Notes - Apr 29, 2021

The Annual Meeting of the Fort Wallace Memorial Association will be held this Sunday, May 2nd at 5 pm at the Museum. The business meeting will include annual reports and election of officers. Anyone may attend, but only lifetime members of the FWMA may vote. The 2021 program... [More]


Bugle Notes - Apr 22, 2021

Quite the busy weekend at the Fort Wallace Museum! Thanks to the Dirt Roads Gospel Band for the wonderful Hymn Sing held Saturday night at the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church! The Brewster-based group included lead guitarist Gary Wiggins, Chance Marble, Brenda, Monica, Faith and... [More]


Bugle Notes - Apr 15, 2021

The Fort Wallace Museum is pleased to host an old-fashioned Hymn Sing this Saturday, April 17 at 7 pm MDT, featuring the Dirt Roads Gospel Band of Brewster, KS. This fine gospel band will accompany the congregational singing of traditional hymns in the old 1888 Bethany Lutheran... [More]


Bugle Notes - Apr 8, 2021

The grounds of the 1879 Kansas Pacific Railroad House are receiving yet another upgrade for the enjoyment of Wallace Countians and visitors. A handsome new picnic shelter is being constructed on the grounds as part of the Eagle Scout project for Wallace resident Zach Schemm.... [More]


Bugle Notes - Mar 25, 2021

Captain Keogh’s Emerald Banquet was held in the evening hours of Sat. March 13th and brought together a nice crowd to enjoy company and raise funds for the Guardians of the Fort Wallace Museum! The event started with a sarsaparilla/lime punch social hour, followed by a... [More]


Bugle Notes - Mar 18, 2021

The Guardians of the Fort Wallace Museum can report a successful weekend at the 2021 Historical Symposium and Fundraising Banquet, in spite of weather and health challenges. The morning Symposium activities were taken in by about 70 people; The symposium focused on the ghost... [More]

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