Ducktales - Stuffie came to life: The one with the paddle


I just love ping pong!
I learned how to play by watching my mama play with all her friends this past summer.
My mama is really good at ping pong. She’s only lost one game against any of her friends, and that was a really close game against her best friend, Charlotte. But her dad, Corey, always beats her. But that’s ok because she loves to get better by practicing every single day and the day that she beats him will be amazing!
One day, I decided I wanted to try to play, so my mama  duck taped a ping pong paddle to my wing. It was really heavy! I started to play with it then suddenly I fell off the table and crashed on to the floor.
So the next thing we tried was to just use my feets. My feets worked well but not good enough because they were too soft! So we figured something out. 
With a bit of duck tape, cardboard, socks, and paddle rubber, we made paddle slippers!
The paddle slippers worked perfectly. I just had to kick the ping pong ball and it would go flying! They were just like real ping pong paddles.
After we made those, I was playing Violet and all her friends in ping pong. Since I can fly 104 mph I was hitting the ping pong ball everywhere super speedy fast! I beat every single person… except for Corey, because he always wins!



Wallace County Home Educators Put on a Spot of Tea

When spring arrives, we are always excited to kick off the season with our annual tea party.   On Saturday, March 16th our homeschool group hosted a vintage, butterfly-themed tea.  This is such a great time for family and friends to gather.   With 60-70 in attendance,... [More]


Fairwell to the Davis Family

My family first met the “A Team” in the summer of 2020. They had already lived here for several months, but since the world was at the height of COVID lockdowns, we didn’t meet them until August.  They began attending our monthly homeschool co-ops and instantly... [More]


Crafting and Baking at Hope Springs

Crafting and Baking at Hope Springs

Christmas Trees Through Time

Christmas trees are a custom that can be found in almost every home when the holiday season draws near. Decorated with lights, ornaments, and garlands, a Christmas tree brings joy to every home. But how did it become one of the greatest traditions in the modern world? How does... [More]

What is advent and why do we celebrate it?

Advent is a Latin word that means “coming” or “arrival”. Advent is a season of the Church calendar that stretches from four Sundays before Christmas Day through Christmas Eve. If you attend any Christian Church, you likely already know this.  Advent... [More]

God's Trick Play

This time of the year, most Christians will be turning their Bibles to the story of Jesus’ birth.  I doubt, however, they will start with the genealogy of Christ.  So many “so-and-so begats.”  Why do we even need to know that?  There are... [More]

A Christmas Memory

On a cold winter day, I woke up on Christmas morning and peeked out the window. What I saw was glistening snow falling to the ground.  I soon heard the footsteps of my siblings creeping up the stairs to see what was under the tree. Stockings of red, white, and green were... [More]


Thanksgiving: It isn’t all about the turkey!

Recently the Wallace County Home Educators hosted an event called Friendsgiving. This event allowed the Homeschoolers to show friends and family what they had accomplished and learned  over the last semester including memorization of scripture, a  display of mummified... [More]

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Celebrating our 150th volume.. or are we?

I had high hopes of doing some fun things this summer to celebrate our kicking off the 150th volume of The Western Times.  As I delved into the archives, that little voice in the back of my head said, “something doesn’t quite add up.” I’ve known for... [More]


Happy 70th Anniversary!

Happy 70th Anniversary George & Ramona Cramer!


USDA Announces June 2024 Lending Rates for Agricultural Producer

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced loan interest rates for June 2024, which are effective June 3, 2024. USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) loans provide important access to capital to help agricultural producers start or expand their farming operation, purchase equipment... [More]

Sheriff's Office Log - May 2024

PLEASE CALL THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE AT 785-852-4288 IF YOU PLAN TO DO ANY BURNING 8 Vins / 22 Civil Process / 22 Court Cases / 8  911 Hang-ups – Friendly Reminder - if you give your child an older phone just for them to “play” on, 911 is still active.... [More]


Happy 75th Anniversary!

Happy 75th Anniversary to Paul & Cora Lea McNall!


Local Athletes Compete at State Track Meet

The boys 4x100 meter relay team consisting of Trell Larson, Kean Dinkel, Kemper Benisch (above right), and Tharyan Appelhans (above left) placed 5th in the finals, after finishing 2nd in their qualifying heat. Kean Dinkel, left, and Karsyn Wright, right, run in the first heat... [More]


GCHS adopts new Mission, Vision, and Values Statements

In 2023, Greeley County Health Services completed an extensive project as part of the organization's strategic plan to recast the Mission, Vision, and Values statements. Formerly, the hospital's mission, vision and values had not been reviewed or changed since 2010. With many... [More]


A Magical Adventure Comes to Summer Reading Program

The traveling “Magical Adventure Show” will be coming soon to your library.  The show features the talents of Dan Dan the Magic man and his sons as they promote fun, literacy, and learning as part of the annual Summer Reading Program.  This is their 23rd... [More]

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Bugle Notes 5/21/24

It’s that time again in Wallace! It’s Rodeo Time!  This year’s 70th Edition of the Fort Wallace Rodeo is shaping up to be a special one! There are again two performances; Saturday May 25 at 7 pm MDT and then on Sunday May 26 at 5 pm MDT.  Admission... [More]


Annual Symposium held at Fort Wallace Museum

This past weekend, the Fort Wallace Museum had record-breaking attendance at the annual Symposium, and an equally successful Fundraiser Banquet. Around 90 people were in attendance at the day’s lectures and presentations, with attendees from all over Kansas, as well as... [More]


Fort Wallace Museum to Host Symposium/Banquet

The Guardians of the Fort Wallace Museum will host their annual symposium and banquet on Saturday, March 16, at the museum, with symposium beginning at 8:30 am MDT and Capt. Keogh’s Emerald Banquet at 5 pm MDT. The theme of this year’s events is “The Moccasin... [More]


Bugle Notes 11/28/23

The Christmas Season approaches! Our annual Candlelight Christmas Service will be held on Sunday, December 3rd at 5:00 MT, starting at the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church located on the west side of our Museum grounds. The traditional Swedish Lutheran service in the historic atmosphere... [More]


Bugle Notes 10/31/23

On Thursday evening, Nov. 2nd, come on over at 6 pm to hear a most talented musician, mandolinist and singer/songwriter John DePew! We will be hosting John inside the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church. John Depew is a Kansas-based musician, songwriter, and traveler with a knack for... [More]


Bugle Notes 10/24/23

The fall travel season has featured strong attendance at the Fort Wallace Museum, with many retired couples and international travelers coming through. Our RV Park has also been busy, with many people staying to experience the local flavor of Wallace County. Our summer hours... [More]


Ft Wallace Museum Holds 4th Annual Education Day

This past Friday and Saturday, the Fort Wallace Museum grounds once again sprang to life -this time with the sights and sounds of a Native American village. 10 traditional tipis glowed in the sun, as well as military tents and a complete 1800s chuckwagon set-up. During Friday’s... [More]


Bugle Notes - Native Tribes of the High Plains

On Friday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9, the Fort Wallace Museum grounds will come alive with the stories of the Native Tribes of the High Plains during the History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days. There will be demonstrations and talks on topics including home life, tools... [More]

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