Thanksgiving: It isn’t all about the turkey!


Recently the Wallace County Home Educators hosted an event called Friendsgiving. This event allowed the Homeschoolers to show friends and family what they had accomplished and learned 
over the last semester including memorization of scripture, a 
display of mummified chickens made during our monthly 
homeschool groups, and even 
a prayer spoken in Latin!
During Friendsgiving, we took a poll to see what people loved most about the season of Thanksgiving. Here are the results:
Of 35 people in attendance polled at Friendsgiving, a resounding 46% stated their favorite part of Thanksgiving is being with family and friends in 
comparison to the ZERO who said they most looked forward to turkey! 
Why is turkey losing favor?  Is it often too dry? Are there just too many other yummy dishes served up along its side? 
The bigger question, if this sampling is a true representative of everyone’s opinion of turkey, how much longer will turkey be associated with Thanksgiving.  Will you be serving turkey this Thanksgiving? If your family has grown tire of serving turkey, maybe it’s time to start a family tradition. Afterall, a majority of us agree, family and friends are the most import part! 
No matter what is on your table this year, we wish you a wonderful day surrounded by those who mean the most to you!


The History of Cranberries

You may not know it yet, but Vaccinium macrocarpon may be on your Thanksgiving table this year. No, it’s not a virus or bacteria – it’s the botanical name for the American cranberry. Since it is the time for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be neat to share... [More]

Thanksgiving Around the World

As you all know, Thanksgiving is when the pilgrims from Britain first landed on Plymouth Rock and had a feast with the local Indian tribe.  It is the annual holiday celebrating the bountiful harvest and other blessings of the past year. America isn’t the only country... [More]


Scientifically Speaking - 10/17/23

Earlier this year, I decided to begin online schooling instead of going to public school every day.  I had the four classes required for all schools and the choice of an elective.  I eventually settled on Health for the elective, expecting education on how the body... [More]


Leaf Bug

Have you ever seen the bug in this picture? Some of you may not have. It’s a leaf bug. Here are some facts about leaf bugs.  They have 2 green and 2 brown eyes and six legs.  Leaf bugs like to eat leaves, shrubs, and flowers. They live in trees. Their lifespan... [More]


Ducktales - Stuffie came to life: The one with the paddle

I just love ping pong! I learned how to play by watching my mama play with all her friends this past summer. My mama is really good at ping pong. She’s only lost one game against any of her friends, and that was a really close game against her best friend, Charlotte. But... [More]

Type 1 Diabetes

Fourteen-year-old Leonard Thompson lay dying in a Toronto, Canada hospital. His condition? Type 1 diabetes. Doctors, Frederick Banting and Charles Best along with the help of John Macleod and biochemist, J.B. Collip were about to administer the first insulin injection in human... [More]

Journalism Class

Journalism is defined on as “The collection, preparation, and distribution of news and related commentary and feature materials through such print and electronic media as newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, media sites, and e-mail as well as through radio,... [More]


Mummifying a Chicken

Tutankhamun, known as King Tut, was the 12th Pharaoh of the 18th Egyptian Dynasty. He accomplished very little during his reign. He died at the age of nineteen around 1324 B.C.  It took around 70 days to mummify his body. When mummifying a chicken, it only takes around 40... [More]

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WCHS Students Caught in the Act

Zoey Gardner gave a brilliant performance as Delores, a struggling singer, who enters a convent to hide from her boyfriend, Curtis, played by Jaren Rains, after witnessing him killing one of his thugs. Mother Superior, played by Samara Godinez-Montoya, reluctantly agrees to allow... [More]


Men's Pitch League begins 72nd year

Men's Pitch League begins 72nd year


Wallace County Recruitment Incentives Released

Wallace County Community Development is excited to announce the official opening of applications for the Wallace County Recruitment Incentive! Incentives are meant to recruit and retain new employees and business professionals from outside the Northwest Kansas region for positions... [More]

From the Editor 11/21/23

Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday.  Just the mere mention of Thanksgiving conjures up an image of a big oak table with a white lace tablecloth, beautifully set hours, maybe even days before, smiling faces, heads bowed in prayer as we thank God for our many blessings, steaming... [More]


Happy 50th Anniversary Dale & Kathy Perry

The Perry "Kids" and our families request the honor of your presence to celebrate Dale and Kathy's wedding anniversary at a come and go reception  November 24, 2023 3:00-5:00 p.m.  Limon Community Building 477 D Avenue Limon, CO Or, send your regards to... Dale... [More]


General Election 2023 (unofficial results)

This year, there were many offices with vacancies needing to be filled with no one running for them, resulting in an atypical write-in count.  I have done my best to list the top vote-getters in each race, combining obvious variations of the same name for the write-in counts.... [More]


Weskan Schools Honors Veterans

Mr. Nick Billion coordinated a Veteran’s Day Program with Weskan students K-12. On Thursday, November 9, 2023 starting at 10:30 students, staff, families, and Veterans joined together in the gym to honor those that have served. Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marines... [More]


2nd Annual Children’s Business Fair

Come out to see the children of the community and their amazing small businesses! It will be held at the CAB building on December 2nd before the Mistletoe Moonlight. There will be some new businesses this year, and some of your favorites returning from last year such as:  ... [More]

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Bugle Notes 11/28/23

The Christmas Season approaches! Our annual Candlelight Christmas Service will be held on Sunday, December 3rd at 5:00 MT, starting at the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church located on the west side of our Museum grounds. The traditional Swedish Lutheran service in the historic atmosphere... [More]


Bugle Notes 10/31/23

On Thursday evening, Nov. 2nd, come on over at 6 pm to hear a most talented musician, mandolinist and singer/songwriter John DePew! We will be hosting John inside the 1888 Bethany Lutheran Church. John Depew is a Kansas-based musician, songwriter, and traveler with a knack for... [More]


Bugle Notes 10/24/23

The fall travel season has featured strong attendance at the Fort Wallace Museum, with many retired couples and international travelers coming through. Our RV Park has also been busy, with many people staying to experience the local flavor of Wallace County. Our summer hours... [More]


Ft Wallace Museum Holds 4th Annual Education Day

This past Friday and Saturday, the Fort Wallace Museum grounds once again sprang to life -this time with the sights and sounds of a Native American village. 10 traditional tipis glowed in the sun, as well as military tents and a complete 1800s chuckwagon set-up. During Friday’s... [More]


Bugle Notes - Native Tribes of the High Plains

On Friday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9, the Fort Wallace Museum grounds will come alive with the stories of the Native Tribes of the High Plains during the History Exposition and Outdoor Education Days. There will be demonstrations and talks on topics including home life, tools... [More]


Bugle Notes 8/22/23

We are very excited about our upcoming History Exposition and Outdoor History Days “Native Tribes of the High Plains!” Please plan to join us on Sept. 8-9 on the grounds of the Fort Wallace Museum.  Our grounds will be open for demonstrations on Friday, Sept.... [More]


Bugle Notes 8/15/23

On, Friday, Sept. 8 and Saturday, Sept. 9, the Fort Wallace Museum grounds will come alive with the Native American story, with demonstrations and talks on home life, tools and weapons, flint-knapping, games, ledger art, pony painting, beading, languages, trading and stories.... [More]


Bugle Notes 7/11/23

A busy summer continues at the Museum! Several of our members have been hard at work with efforts to put a roof on the Gill School House just inside Logan County on Plains Road. We believe this to be the last remaining one-room school house in either Logan or Wallace County.... [More]

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